Sunday, June 8, 2014

Q&A With Florida Gator J.J. Schwarz

A 6-2, 190 pounds young man from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has decided to play his collegiate career at the University of Florida. With a advanced approach at the plate, a balanced level swing he can create very good bat speed. Yes, I am talking about J.J. Schwarz.

Q1) Regardless of practice or in a game, what is your worth ethic like?
A1) "Work ethic, in my opinion, is the most important characteristic to have as an athlete. It shows not only how you produce on the field but it also resembles your character. I have a very strong work ethic and I have an amazing support system around me that motivate me and hold me accountable to be the best I can be."
Q2) What is one thing you need to change at Florida to get the pro scouts to notice you?
A2) "I think my energy behind the plate could improve some more, but other than that I just need more reps all around to master my position."
Q3) Faith seems like a big thing for you, what is one thing you try to resemble on and off the diamond?
A3) "As a follower of Christ, I try my best to put God first because without him none of this is possible. I have an amazing life and I try to live out my faith to show others how good a life with The Lord can be."
Q4) What was your reaction like when you found out that a powerhouse college program such as the Florida Gators wanted you to sign with their program?
A4) "I was speechless, I never knew I was good enough to play for a program like that and with my sister being there as well, it was a dream offer and I jumped all over it."
Q5) I see you played for Team USA 18U if I am correct, what did putting on that jersey mean to you?
A5)  "I honestly can't think of a better experience. There's men and women fighting for our country over seas and we take it for granted so much. It was an indescribable feeling putting on that jersey to represent the greatest country."
Q6) Baseball Recruiting had you listed as Top 100 Baseball Seniors for the class of 2014, what do you have to say about that?
A6) "It's such an honor to be ranked in the top 100. Especially with a class as good as this one with so many great players, it's an honor to be ranked."
Q7) In the last couple of weeks what has the media attention been like not for just you but for your family as well?
A7)  "It's been crazy! I've got tons of calls about the draft alone and then with my sister winning a national championship for Uf softball, it's even crazier."
Q8) One thing you will take away from your High School career?
A8) "That having a few true friends is better than having a lot of normal friends."
Q9) First thing you will do when you put that Florida Gator uniform on?
A9)  "I'll probably take a selfie and put it on social media to be honest."
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