Is Jason Giambi a Hall of Famer?

A couple of weeks ago, Jason Giambi decided to hang it up, and announce his retirement from baseball after 2o seasons in the majors. He announced his decision in a statement first given to the New York Daily News.

Giambi only played in thirty-six games with the Indians in 2014, hitting .133/.257/.267 with a .524 OPS, and a 51 OPS+.

For his career, Giambi hit .277 with 440 home runs, 1,441 RBI’s, a .399 on-base percentage, and a .516 slugging percentage. The 44-year-old played for four teams in his career: the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies, and the Indians.

This is what Giambi said in his statement:

“I want to thank the fans for being a part of this incredible journey,” Giambi said in his statement. “I especially want to thank the fans that gave me a second chance to let me show you the human being you see today.”

The first basemen/DH’s legacy took a hit in the early 2000’s for his involvement in the BALCO performance-enhancing drugs investigation. BALCO surrounded a United States federal government investigation of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative.  This lab supplied anabolic steroids to professional athletes.

Giambi will be eligible for the Hall of Fame soon, so the question becomes, is there a case to be made for his induction into Cooperstown?

In this article, I will examine the case for him being in the Hall of Fame, the case against him being in the Hall of Fame, and I will give you a final verdict.

Of course this post is meant to start a discussion, and create debate, so if you disagree with me feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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