Forgotten Players Who Died Before Their Time



Bob Moose (29)

October 9, 1976

The Pittsburgh Pirates got a lot out of Bob Moose. The right-hander was a versatile pitcher, having been successful from the rotation (including a no-hitter in 1969) and being the replacement for closer Dave Giusti. Moose is best known for throwing the wild pitch in the 1972 NLCS that sent the Cincinnati Reds to the World Series.

On the night of Moose’s 29th birthday, he and two passengers were on their way to a party held by Pirates Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski. Traveling on a main route, Moose drove into a bank and then swerved into on coming traffic, colliding with another car. While his passengers and the driver and passenger of the other car survived, Moose died.

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