Forgotten Players Who Died Before Their Time



Danny Frisella (30)

January 1, 1977

In his 10-season career, six of those seasons spent in a Mets uniform, Danny Frisella was a fairly consistent reliever. Frisella’s best season was 1971, when he saved 12 games and had a 1.99 ERA. After leaving the Mets for the Atlanta Braves in 1973, he had problems being effective. He only stayed two seasons there and then floated around to the Padres, Cardinals, and Brewers before his passing.

On New Years Day at his home in Phoenix, Frisella and a friend were riding around in a dune buggy. Though traveling at slow speeds, the dune buggy started to tip. Frisella tried to work the hand brake and jump out at the same time. While trying to leap out, his foot was caught as the buggy rolled. The rollbar crushed Frisella’s head, killing him.

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