Forgotten Players Who Died Before Their Time

Tony Dejak / Associated Press

Tony Dejak / Associated Press

Tim Crews (31) and Steve Olin (27)

March 22, 1993

Tim Crews was a decent middle reliever for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Coming off a rough 1992 season, compiling a 5.19 ERA, Crews came to the Cleveland Indians to turn his career around.

Steve Olin was in the exact opposite position — the submarine delivery closer was coming into form. Olin led the 1992 Indians in saves (29) and was expected to lead the bullpen.

While at Crews’ new home in Clermont, Florida, Crews, Olin, and fellow Cleveland pitcher Bob Ojeda were spending their day off from spring training together. The property was by a lake, where Crews spent his free time fishing. Later that evening, the three players went for a ride. Crews, who was later found to have a blood alcohol content above the legal limit, struck a long dock in the lake. Olin was killed instantly, Crews died in the hospital that night, and Ojeda survived with a laceration to the skull.

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