Forgotten Players Who Died Before Their Time

Topps Company


Miguel Fuentes (23)

January 29, 1970

A young up-and-coming right hander for the Seattle Pilots, Miguel Fuentes was killed in a bar dispute following his season in the Puerto Rican Winter League.

Fuentes was at a bar in his hometown of Loiza. He needed to relieve himself but the bar had terrible bathroom plumbing. The highly rated prospect went outside and urinated near a parked car. The owner of that car felt Fuentes was too close and fatally shot him three times.

The Pilots prospect had a career 1-3 record in eight appearances, with a 5.19 ERA. His lone win was a complete game victory against the Chicago White Sox, allowing only one run on seven hits. He also holds the distinction of throwing the last pitch of the Pilots franchise.

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