Forgotten Players Who Died Before Their Time



Don Wilson (29)

January 5, 1975

During the 1970s, the Houston Astros had plenty of great power pitchers. One such pitcher who was on the cusp of greatness was Don Wilson. A solid starter, Wilson was a 1971 All-Star, who won 15 or more games three times in his career and at least 10 in every full season he pitched. He also threw two no-hitters, including one against the Reds the day after Cincinnati’s Jim Maloney had no-hit Wilson’s Astros.

Under mysterious circumstances, Wilson was found dead in the passenger seat of his car in his garage in January 1975. As was accounted by Wilson’s wife, Bernice, she woke up and heard the car’s engine running in the garage in the early hours of January 5. She found her husband not breathing. Wilson’s death was declared an accident by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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