Trade Market Watch: Jonathan Lucroy In 2016?

Source: Harry How/ Getty Images North America

Source: Harry How/ Getty Images North America

4. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks are another team like the Chicago White Sox, whose need for an upgrade at catcher would be worth the effort. In this case, Welington Castillo is the incumbent catcher. The Diamondbacks’ farm system is in good enough shape to improve that of the Brewers, such as infielder Brandon Drury and lefty hurler Cody Reed. The club has plenty of money to spend if it so wishes, although Lucroy isn’t a huge financial burden this coming season with a decent $4 million salary. In his second year of arbitration eligibility Castillo, will probably be looking at a salary in the area of $2.85 million.

That being said, it wouldn’t be the worst move in the world for this ball club to keep both Lucroy and Castillo. Healthy catchers are becoming a premium nowadays, not to mention having a second one on the roster that can step in and basically be considered a second starting catcher, rather than a backup.

Castillo was moved from the Chicago Cubs when they found themselves with three catchers on the roster. If it weren’t for signing Jon Lester and at the same time his personal catcher David Ross, it’s very likely that the Cubs would have kept Castillo to back up (then) recently-signed Miguel Montero.

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