Trade Market Watch: Jonathan Lucroy In 2016?

Source: Elsa/ Getty Images North America

Source: Elsa/ Getty Images North America

2. Houston Astros

The Astros were not only surprising to baseball fans everywhere last season, but also find themselves one or two pieces away from reaching the next level.

Of course, this may sound like a silly choice to some. To be honest it’s more of a wild card toss-up of an option, but still one that, if everyone plays their cards right, could work out well for all teams involved.

They have Evan Gattis. They also have Jason Castro. Gattis can be a good fill-in at catcher, as well as play in the outfield. His Achilles heel is that he’s an exceptionally streaky hitter. When he’s on, he’s on. When he’s off? He’s really, really off.

Castro proved to be a very good defensive backstop, throwing out 36 percent of opponent baserunners. Hitting-wise it’s kind of a no-brainer that Lucroy is the better option. Castro slashed .211/.283/.365 in 2015 but was a bit of a free swinger, striking out roughly 32 percent of the time. Lucroy, on the other hand, is exceptionally disciplined, slashing .264/.326/.391 last season, while striking out only 15 percent of his plate appearances.

I also mentioned “all teams involved” a bit ago when bringing up this trade option. Gattis should stay as he can at least play almost everyday and at multiple, viable positions. Jason Castro is in the same boat as Lucroy entering 2015 in the last year of their current contracts. Both are making basically the same money, but Lucroy is the better guy to get, plain and simple. Don’t be surprised to see the Astros move Castro in an attempt to possibly get Lucroy. A few prospect that could head to Milwaukee like outfielder Derek Fisher, third baseman J.D. Davis, or outfielder Teoscar Hernandez.

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