Seasoned baseball spectators can agree that the timely stealing of a base is capable of impacting the outcome of a ballgame as much as a long home run. However, it is rare that the theft of a bag is as thrilling as perceiving a cracking bat as it propels a ball out of the park.

Naming five home runs that have famously enriched the vast history of baseball likely comes as an easy task for fans of the sport. In contrast, recalling the same number of stolen bases that have a place in the game’s prized archives may not come as easily.

I have crafted a list of five stolen bases that have had a significant impact on baseball history, whether it a positive or negative one depends on the team you were pulling for.

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Josey Curtis is an aspiring writer with ambitions of beat reporting professionally down the road. Along with Baseball Essential, she contributes to Viva El Birdos and Stl Sports Minute, closely covers the Saint Louis Cardinals on her personal website, and is an active member of the United Cardinal Bloggers.

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