Chicago White Sox Top Prospects


We now shift to the other side of Chicago, as we present our Chicago White Sox’ top prospects list.


1Eloy JimenezOFAmid-2019Relatively HighThere’s really nothing not to like about Eloy Jimenez. He looks like a No. 3 hitter who can post a .300/.400/.475 line with 35 home runs and solid defense. He was a fantastic get for the White Sox.
2Michael KopechRHPA-/B+2018HighKopech has the stuff to be a perennial Cy-Young Candidate. While he could stand to improve his control, it’s not a major issue. If he can limit walks to less than 3.7 BB/9 then we are looking at an ace. If not, he could be an Aroldis Chapman-esque closer.
3Luis RobertOFB+late-2020Relatively HighRobert has a very well rounded set of tools, which would play very nicely at the top of the line-up. He probably could stay in center, but his glove and arm can play anywhere in the outfield. Obviously, he’s a ways away, but he’s promising.
4Dane DunningRHPB+/B2018LowDunning is my favorite arm in the system. He’s not a definite ace, however, he’s the pitcher in the system with the least risk. He should be a September call-up in 2018, and he will be competing for a steady rotation spot by 2019.
5Dylan CeaseRHPB/B+2020Relatively HighCease is a solid power-arm, however his control is a tad bit worrisome, and his change lags well behind his other two offerings. As a reliever, working one or two innings, we’re looking at a potential all-star. He’s a bit further away than expected, however he has the potential to be a major league producer.
6Blake RutherfordOFB2021Relatively HighIf Rutherford can tap into some of that power potential, he looks very similar to Todd Frazier, who he was actually traded for from the New York Yankees, in my opinion. A solid power hitter who is athletic to come up with double digit steals. There’s a little bit of risk here, but he should be a very productive major leaguer.
7Ian ClarkinLHPB2018HighClarkin is very underrated. Clarkin has dealt with injuries and every time he has come back standing. Overall, he gets the job done and going into the season at 23 years old, he could be up by September.
8Alec HansenRHPB2019HighHansen looks to me like a guy who is going to go out there and look like an ace some days, and can’t find the strike zone others. Nevertheless, when he’s on, he’s unhittable which keeps him in the Sox plans. If he reaches Triple-A by June or July, we could see him in September, however 2019 is more likely.
9Bernardo FloresLHPB-/C+early 2019LowThe fact that he has not gotten more publicity is criminal. He’s a solid lefty starter with a plus change, plus control and a potentially stellar fastball. His success will not come with the Sox though.
10Zack CollinsCB-/C+2020HighCollins has no-doubt power and plate discipline, however he isn’t ever going to hit for much average. Furthermore, he may not behind the plate. He looks to be like the type of guy who is in the line-up everyday posting a .220/.335/.450 line with 30-home run potential.
11Jameson Fisher1BC+/B-late-2018LowFisher looks like a Mitch Moreland with a higher average and worse defense. We can expect around .270/.380/.430 with 15-20 homers a year, which is still exceptionally productive.
12Jake Burger3BC+/B-2021Relative LowBurger looks like the guys who bats seventh, but is a fan favorite due to his clutch hitting and make-up. While he’s not going to hit for tons of average and power, he looks to me like a Nick Swisher, Carlos Ruiz type in terms of his presence.
13Ryan CordellOFC+2018Relatively LowCordell reminds me of a Freddy Galvis type player. Take his 2017 Triple-A numbers with a grain of salt seeing as how he was in the PCL, however don’t be shocked to see him play the role of a plus defender who can hit in the No. 6 hole (.240/.320/.400) with 20-home run possibilities and 15 stolen bases.
14Tito PoloOFC+2018LowHey in case you missed it, Polo posted an OPS over .800 and stole 34 bases in 2017. He is easily the most underrated prospect in the system.
15Jordan StephensRHPC+2018LowStephens should be able to remain a starter. He looks like a very solid back-end starter with a solid fastball and great secondaries and control. He could be a sneaky contributor in 2018
16Spencer AdamsRHPC+2018LowThere’s not a huge ceiling here, however he can be a very solid back-ender who will consistently put up ERAs between 4.20 and 4.40 with solid control. He is also pretty durable which is a plus as well.
17Charlie TilsonOFC+2018HighTilson is a complete unknown. Obviously, if he is able to come back healthy, he’s the starting center fielder for the Sox for the foreseeable future, however I’ve seen guys get hurt and then get passed over, just bad timing. Time will tell.
18Daniel Palka1BC+/C2018LowRecently acquired off of waivers from Minnesota, Palka is pretty much major league ready and can be a 20-home run guy in a platoon capacity. He could have a huge impact in 2018
19Aaron BummerLHPC+/C2018LowHis name is a huge waste of an opportunity. Aaron Bummer looks to me like a very, very solid lefty high leverage middle reliever or low setup man.
20Carson FulmerRHPC+/C2018MediumFulmer status has been inflated by his draft status. He has no control, and he gets hit a lot. The fastball/curve mix is enticing and it would be unwise to close the door on a nice career as a reliever, however he’s not a major league starter.
21Zack BurdiRHPC/C+late-2018HighThey shouldn’t rush him. Give him as much time as he needs to work the kinks out in his control. He has the upside of a late-inning reliever, however there’s a bit more risk than anyone had anticipated when he was drafted.
22Thyago VieiraRHPC/C+2018LowObviously the ceiling is sky high as Vieira is a righty who can throw about as hard as anyone, but there are certainly control issues. He could turn out to be a closer if he gets his control fixed up, however he could also wind up as a taxi-squad.
23Jose RondonSSC/C+2018LowRondon is a 24-year-old shortstop with a very strong glove, and a bat that seems as if it will be good enough for him to be a platoon infielder. He may not hit more than five homers in a given season, however there is certainly doubles power .270/.310/.380
24Micker AdolfoOFC/C+2021HighHe has the power that makes scouts drool and his arm is absolutely amazing. His average and speed are lacking, however, and looks a little bit like a Delmon Young-type.
25Luis MartinezRHPC/C+2020MediumMartinez isn’t bad, he’s just underwhelming in terms of control and stuff. He looks like a swing man whose stuff might play up in middle relief.
26Patrick Leonard3BC/C+2018LowLeonard has a nice power and speed mix and while he may never make enough contact to be a major league regular, he could be a rather exciting guy to have on the bench.
27Casey Gillaspie1BC/C+2018LowGillaspie has always been a bit overrated. He has had a tough time adjusting to the high minor leagues, and may not be able to make consistent enough contact to be an everyday guy.
28Gavin Sheets1BC/C+2019MediumThe hit tool is rough, however he has power that is expected of a first baseman and he has a very nice arm as well. Furthermore he is pretty polished. Don’t expect a ton out of him, however he could at least be a replacement level major leaguer.
29A.J. PuckettRHPC2019LowPuckett biggest weapon is his change, however his margin for error isn’t very big based on an underwhelming fastball and a lacking curve. Luckily, his control is rather solid and the change is a huge plus.
30Jose RuizRHPC2019MediumRuiz is a huge question mark. He has shown great potential, and is still very raw on the mound, however has not posted encouragin results. Expect Ruiz to begin the season in Birmingham.
31Colton TurnerLHPC2018Relatively LowA bit older for a prospect, Turner could be a very effective left-handed middle reliever as soon as 2018. He was acquired in the Dioner Navarro trade in 2016 from Toronto.
32Jace FryLHPC2018LowFry looks like a LOOGY. We should get a chance to see him in 2018 in some capacity.
33Jordan GuerreroLHPC2018LowHe has a great change and great control, however his fastball is only okay and his curve isn’t very good. Nevertheless, he could be decent in a middle relief role.
34Luis Alexander BasabeOFC2019HighAt the very least, he’s an all glove fourth outfielder, however it doesn’t look like he’s going to hit enough to ever become a starter. He strikes out a lot and has very little power.
35Tyler DanishRHPC2019LowDanish was rushed to the majors. If he is sent back to Double-A until he figures it out and follows the route most prospects take, then he could be up in a few years as a back-ender, but again that’s a huge if. Right now, he’s a swing.
36Thaddius LowryRHPC2019Relatively LowI don’t think Lowry is a starter long term. A move to the bullpen could be beneficial as his stuff could really play up.
37Brad GoldbergRHPC2018LowThe size and velocity are plusses, but the control is really bad. He looks like a taxi-squad reliever with a high ceiling that he is unlikely to reach.
38Dean AnnaUTILC2018LowWhat you see is what you get with Anna. He’s a versatile, veteran utility guy who still qualifies as a rookie despite being 31 years old. He could see time with the Sox with good performance in Triple-A.
39Yeyson YrizarriINFC2020MediumThe bat is rough, however at the very least, his glove should give him an opportunity as an emergency call-up somewhere.
40Evan SkougCC2020MediumAs a left-handed power bat, there is obvious appeal for Skoug, however his other tools are rough and due to that, it doesn’t look like he will be serving as anything more than an emergency catcher or organizational depth.
41Matt Skole1BC2018LowSkole was once a pretty solid prospect for the Nationals mainly due to his power, however, he has never been able to hit for consistent average which has clouded his prospect status. While Chicago is a good landing spot, his ceiling is that of an emergency call-up, or depth more than anything else.
42Alex CallOFC2021HighThe hit tool is worrisome. Overall his arm and speed are solid, however considering he has struggled in the low minor leagues at 23 years old, it doesn’t look like he can catch up to major league or even upper minor league pitching.
43Amado Nunez3BC2021HighHis only tool that is playable is his arm, and it doesn’t look like he’s anything more than depth
44Ti’Quan ForbesINFC2020HighForbes is a player kept alive by his draft status, and while he has the tools to be a solid player, he’s looking like depth at this point.
45Juan PerezUTILC2019Relatively LowPerez was hurt for the majority of 2017, however has only posted lackluster numbers over his time in the minor leagues. While he has the versatility to be an emergency call-up, it doesn’t seem wise to anticipate any more.
46Dustin AntolinRHPC2018LowAntolin isn’t really much of a prospect, he will serve as Triple-A depth an could get a call-up as a depth addition

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  1. Jim

    Are you serious with this list? Seby Zavala isnt even on here. Jordan guerrero was a southern league all star last year and you have him at 33. The often injured clarkin who hasnt pitched above low A above dunning and hansen. Your prediction for spencer adams sounds like his floor as he is just 21 with his body just beginning to fill out despite already having a year and a half experience at AA.

    • Jim

      Just saw you have dunning at 4, didnt see that at first as it was covered by the twitter ad. Bernie flores at 9 though, most of his starts he works with an upper 80s fastball


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