Going by WAR: Top 10 players at each position of all-time, based on WAR

I am a nerd. A baseball stats nerd. And as a baseball stats nerd, FanGraphs is my favorite place to get my daily dose of analytics and sabermetrics. Perhaps my favorite, all-inclusive statistic is WAR, Wins Above Replacement. No stat is the be-all, end-all stat, but WAR is terrific when determining a player’s value and contributions to his team. FG does a much better job of explaining it.

Baseball fans love to read writer’s rankings, whether it’s ranking all-time greats, the best in baseball today, or whatever it may be, the opinion’s of writers stir up debate among fans, and fans dig all that jazz.

But, I like to back every opinion I have up with facts, and in this case, a stat. So, without further adieu, here are the ten best players at each position, in the history of baseball, ranked solely by WAR.

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