Vin Scully had himself quite a night, again

Incredibly now in his 65th year of calling Dodgers games, Vin Scully has witnessed a lot of special moments. As pointed out by the folks over at’s Cut4 blog, “He’s been in the booth for three perfect games (thrown by Don LarsenSandy Koufax, and Dennis Martinez), all six Dodgers World Series titles, at least one earthquake, Hank Aaron‘s 715th home run and basically every important moment the franchise has had over the last 65 years (ya know, except for Josh Beckett‘s Memorial Day Weekend no hitter).” He has provided commentary for Hideo Nomo‘s no-hitter, Bill Buckner‘s fatal error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, darn near everything. And while he hasn’t had any especially historic performances to announce so far this year, it feels like a career year for Scully.

Already this season, the 86-year-old Scully has anointed Yasiel Puig the King of Bat-Flips (I agree)provided move-by-move analysis of a young fan’s dance habitsand narrated what will eventually become the best childhood videos everHeck, he’s even worked through a magnitude 5.1 earthquake that struck an Angels vs Dodgers tilt.

Then, on Tuesday night, he had another couple of gems. First he noted the dialogue going on between Puig and Jose Abreu at first base…*

… before minutes later relaying the entrance of a toddler wearing a tutu, a bow in her hair, beads, and a Puig shirsey:

As Jonah Keri noted on Twitter, “This game has the feels, man.”

Vin Scully’s voice is literally the only thing (aside from the possibility of an obnoxious bat-flip) I like about the Dodgers. He makes their expensive mess (at least so far this season, S/O to belligerent Matt Kemp!) somewhat bearable. I know that some day in the future, unfortunate as it may be, he won’t be behind the microphone. I hope however, it’s a long way off yet, because Vin Scully, like a fine wine, is just getting better with age.

* I would pay big $$ for a transcript of that particular conversation.

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