Why the All-Star Game Should Not Matter Anymore

Hello again everybody. Louie here, back for my second time around to talk about something that’s been upsetting me for years now, as it’s getting around that time of year again, for the MLB All Star Game. I would like to discuss to all of you why in my honest opinion I feel the All Star Game should no longer be played to be a part of something.  I might not be able to persuade everybody, but if I can get at least one person to agree, that’s enough for me.

Here are a few reasons why the All Star Game should not be anything more than a nice break for the hard working players.

NBA All-Star Game and NFL Pro Bowl

For starters, let’s talk about how no other All Star Game for any sport that I know means anything to the actual sport. It makes baseball different from the rest, in a sense, but not in a good way in my opinion. The NBA All Star Game is basically a 48 minute scrimmage to see who can do the nicest alley-oops and dunks. Still in my opinion enjoyable to watch.

The NFL Pro Bowl was in jeopardy of being taken away completely, until they made some rule changes involving captains and picking your team. Honestly, it might still be cancelled, I really couldn’t tell ya. In my opinion, still fun to watch these All Pro athletes get after it in Hawaii (most of the time). Sure there are specific rules in the Pro Bowl that aren’t in regular season games, but it is more for safety than anything. Not really as big of a concern in baseball.

Either way, The MLB All Star Game, whether it meant anything or not would still be enjoyable to myself and I’m sure many other fans of the sport. It takes away some of the competitive edge, yes, but it is still baseball, and these guys are out there having fun, something I really love to see.

Look at the  2002 All Star Game, one of my favorites that I can remember. Torii Hunter robbing Barry Bonds and Bonds throwing Hunter over his shoulder was just awesome to see, and showed these players having a great time! Also, if my memory serves me correctly, that year ended in a 7-7 tie. Didn’t change the fact that it was a great game to watch, and it didn’t mean anything at all once the regular season continued the next week. That’s how every single All Star game should be, carefree, and all about having a good time watching these guys do what they do best.

Moving on, reason number 2, a man you all may know very well.

Derek Jeter

Okay, so of course Jeter is one of the best shortstops to ever touch the field. No question first ballot hall of famer. Does this mean that he deserves to be the starting SS for the 2014 All Star Game? I think not. Sure he’s not the only player that doesn’t deserve to start, but he was the first that came to my mind, and will be the least deserving starter on the field. 1 HR 16 RBI .267 AVG is not someone I want representing the AL team if it means my favorite AL team will be playing in the World Series, but won’t have Home Field Advantage.

Let’s look at some other guys getting a lot of votes in the Ballots.

(Voting as of June 10th).

Brian McCann NYY .226/.289/.366  8 HR 34 RBI

(Matt Wieters was leading but is out for the season)

Manny Machado BAL .224/.274/.322 4 HR 11 RBI 46 Games Played

Third in the AL Voting Race for 3rd basemen.

Brandon Crawford SAN .252/.330/.449

Second among SS in the NL behind Tulowitzki.

Okay, so the last one isn’t TERRIBLE, but I still expect better numbers out of an All Star. Especially after looking at Tulo’s numbers compared to Crawford’s.

Either way, my point is, don’t leave the voting up to the fans if they’re not going to vote for players that deserve it, and instead vote for someone undeserving just because he plays for their favorite team.

But Wait, There are Some Exceptions

One way I would be okay with the All Star Game meaning something is if they left voting to the players, coaches, or choose all stars based on statistics alone. There are far too many deserving players watching the game from their home on television that should be playing at least a few innings in the game. Don’t make it about because a player is proven in the past, it should be about how a player has proven himself THAT YEAR.

Alexei Ramirez will probably be on the AL All Star bench come July, when no one can disagree that him, among a few others should get the starting job for that day. I don’t think even Jeter himself would argue that one.

To sum this all up, the All Star game can still be enjoyable whether or not it means anything. I’ve been enjoying it for many years and didn’t care about the outcome, just enjoyed watching these guys be competitive every single night, and having a blast doing it. If you want it to mean something, don’t leave it up to the fans. Leave it to experts or statistics that will show who is the most deserving to be an All Star. Regardless of popularity, or votes.

That’s my take on the whole thing, and I hope at least some of you can see where I’m coming from.


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