Best Starting Pitcher in the American League

Over the ages, people have been arguing on who is the best at any position in a given year. Some give a bias approach, while others look at statistics. There’s alot of different things you look for in your top starter, a nice ERA, WHIP, not alot of walks, with alot of strikeouts. Here is the top 3 best starting pitchers in the American League. (Based off opening day starters) First, here’s the average ERA, WHIP, BB, and SO of the American League’s opening day starters.

ERA: 3.61

WHIP: 1.237

BB: 33.4

SO: 107.6


1. Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox comes in 1st for the best starting pitcher in the American League. Sale has been helping the White Sox win with an ERA 2.08,the lowest of all starters in the AL, a WHIP of  0.842 again the lowest of all starters in the AL,  16 walks, lowest of all starters in the AL, and 102 strikeouts.

2. “King Felix” also known as Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners, takes 2nd place in the race for best pitcher in the American League. Hernandez has an ERA of 2.12, WHIP of  0.901 with  25 walks and  154 strikeouts.

3. David Price, ace of the Tampa Bay Rays, comes in 3rd with the battle for being the best starter in the American League. Price has an ERA of 3.23, a WHIP of 1.07,  21 walks with  164 strikeouts (he leads all of MLB in strikeouts)

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    Sale doesn’t even qualify to rank among starters. His Majesty currently leads the league in ERA, WHIP, 2nd in wins, IP, K’s….His Majesty is the best pitcher in the American League, and will also be the starting pitcher in the All Star Game Tuesday night.


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