Mariners push for the Postseason

According to multiple reports, the Seattle Mariners have been in discussions with the Philadelphia Phillies for a trade that would send Marlon Byrd to the great northwest. The 36 year-old Byrd is having a good power year and already have 19 home runs along with 20 doubles and .266 batting average.

Mariners could use Byrd as it would be a good upgrade from long time outfielder Endy Chávez. One columnist made a report suggesting that young 20 year old outfielder Gabby Guerrero who is tearing up A ball hitting .302 with 10 homers trade would be fair for both sides. Rubin Amaro JR would help make the Phillies younger and Jack Zduriencik would help make the Mariners in their playoff push. However, Byrd has been said he is willing to waive his no trade clause if Seattle guaranteed his 8 million option for 2016, the Mariners seem unwilling.

Mariners have also been linked to David Price and Ben Zobrist. David Price is having another great season with a 3.23 ERA with his league leading 147.2 IP. Zobrist would be great piece that the mariners could use as a super utility role. Can I just fan boy for one second at the idea of a Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, David Price 1-2-3 rotation?

Mariners would be more than willing to pull the trigger and make it happen, although the rays asking price will be very high. A trade possibly including Taijuan Walker, Nick Franklin and many other key pieces.

The Seattle Mariners haven’t made the playoffs since 2001, with only a 1.5 game lead currently over the Yankees the Mariners need to make that one trade or even multiple trades that push them over the top.

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