Sweetest Swings in the MLB Today

There are a lot of talented hitters in the MLB today, which means there are a lot of beautiful swings.  In the past we’ve seen the awesome swings of Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez, but today’s group of hitters may have the pettiest swings ever.  I picked the top 12 in the game today, and some guys like Yasiel Puig and Manny Machado will be on the list soon.

  • Derek Jeter– He’s retiring and he’s not the valuable shortstop he once was, but his swing is still a beauty to look at.  He can inside out a double to right or hit a single up the middle, Jeter’s swing is pretty to watch and it gets hits.  He has his toe on the ground and his bat wiggling in the air before he swings, and when he does there’s a good chance it’ll produce a hit
  • Ichiro Suzuki– Another retiring veteran, but we have to give him his due as he’s closing in on 3,000 MLB hits after being in the league since just 2001.  His swing causes him to leave the batter’s box at the same time as he’s hitting the ball, and it’s helped him get many hits, including infield hits where he’d tap the ball and use his speed to beat it out
  • Giancarlo Stanton– Stanton hitting a home run is a sight to see.  He doesn’t just connect with the baseball, he crushes it.  He could murder a baseball any time he steps in, and that’s thanks to his swing, which is one of the most violent in baseball.
  • Jose Bautista– Jose went to the leg kick in his swing and never looked back, turning into one of the best power hitters in the game.  He makes some great contact every time he hits a long ball too.
  • Albert Pujols– Pujols has great mechanics in his swing, where he barely moves his foot and relies on his hips and butt to crush the baseball.
  • Miguel Cabrera– He has one of the best swings in baseball, if not the best.  His mechanics rival Pujols’ and Cabrera can finish with one or two hands with one of the most unique swings in baseball.  Cabrera’s swing allows him to take the ball to right with authority too.
  • Mike Trout– He’s compared to Mickey Mantle and rightfully so.  Trout can hit the ball to any part of the field and hit it hard.  His swing is great to look at too.
  • Joey Votto– If they made a textbook about how to swing, Votto would be at the top of guys to copy if you hit left handed.  He has sound mechanics and can hit for a great average every season.
  • Victor Martinez– He’s a switch hitter and his swings from both sides mirror each other.  He’s got the prettiest swing out of any switch hitter in baseball today, and he just looks scary stepping in and swinging.  His swing is level and fun to watch.  It’s consistent.
  • David Ortiz– Ortiz is a classic power hitter and he brings the bat around from the left side with massive power and a one handed finish.  The swing is designed for Fenway Park, as he can take it over the Monster at times or anywhere in right field, and enough power to hit it to center
  • Evan Longoria– Longoria can kill a baseball, and in part to his swing where he starts off wiggling the bat some and with his foot leading to open stance, then when he swings he makes great contact and when he gets a hold of one, it’ll fly.
  • Bryce Harper– Harper is always changing his stance but his step and swing to bring the bat through the zone remains constant, and a beauty.  Harper swings hard every time up there too.

Honorable Mentions: Manny Machado, Yasiel Puig, Ryan Howard, Hanley Ramirez, Troy Tulowitzki, Joe Mauer.

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