Interview with Grant Kay

If I were to tell you that only one player in minor league history has hit for the cycle in their professional debut could you tell me who? It isn’t Miguel Cabrera or Albert Pujols, it’s Grant Kay. Grant is a second baseman in the Tampa Bay Rays organization. Grant attended Junior College and went to Louisville University. Recently, I’ve had an interview with Grant:

Q/A below: Joe Baker(JB) Grant Kay(GK)

(JB) Favorite Color: (GK) Red.

(JB) Favorite Hobby outside of baseball: (GK) I love basketball and hanging out with friends and family.

(JB) Who is your favorite MLB player/role model growing up: (GK) Derek Jeter signed my baseball while on deck at a Roylals game and I have always looked up to him.

(JB) What did you expect going from college baseball to professional baseball:(GK) I expected to completely focus on baseball and continue to improve at all aspects of my game everyday.

(JB) Was the transition easier than you anticipated/are you expecting to have to make adjustments at some point: (GK) I saw a lot of good pitching in college and in the cape cod league making the transition easier. I still have a lot to learn and I know I will do whatever it takes to get better.

(JB) You are the first player to ever hit for the cycle in their professional debut; what was that like: (GK) It was unreal!  I’ve always made good first impressions but nothing like this.

(JB) What are your plans for the off-season: (GK) I really want to focus on getting stronger and faster. I also still have two semesters left to graduate so I’ll take care of that as soon as I can.

(JB) Do you think it’s important for high school players to play college baseball based on your experience: (GK) Yes I do. I learned a lot at my Jr college and at Louisville.

(JB) Most interesting fact about yourself: (GK) I’m from Omaha and got to play in the College World Series in front of my hometown! Not many people have done that.

I would like to thank Grant for doing this interview! It was a pleasure interviewing him and I would like to wish Grant good luck with his future with the Rays. If you’re looking for Grant on twitter his handle is (@Grantkay14) Give him a follow!



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