MLB Rumors: Troy Tulowitzki on the move?

The Colorado Rockies have had nothing but a disappointing season, started off very hot it seemed to be the year they could finally break through only to finally come back down to earth with a 43-61 last place in the NL West. Obviously with the trade deadline just 3 days away this as made them clear sellers; and one main piece they could sell on is long time Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Tulo has hit .340 this season with 21 homers. The 29 year-old has known nothing but Colorado in his career and very hitter friendly Coors Field. I point that out because although you see Tulo stats at .340 he is only hitting .257 on the road with only 7 home runs which is a huge drop off.

Tulo signed a contract extension through 2020 this past year worth 118 million. With tulo hitting .257 on the road and making 20 million for the next 4 season it maybe tough to sell some of these teams on that.

With reports coming out about rumors of a Tulowitzki trade many teams have emerged saying they are very interested. The New York Mets have been reported to ” be willing to trade Noah Syndergaard” Noah is the Mets top pitching prospect at only 22 years old the 6’6 240lb RHP surely has the makeup to be a workhorse in the majors however has struggled this year in AAA Las Vegas sporting a 5.16 ERA in 96IP. Its been said that the Mets would have to give up a lot more than Noah such as top catching prospect Kevin Plawecki and RHP Rafael Montero.

Troy has came out and said a few things hinting at welcoming a trade. He said to USA Today that he does not want to become baseballs version of Dan Marino; a hall of famer who had a chance at a title early in his career only to never get a shot again.

Tulo has also said he “would welcome a trade to the Red Sox” and “wouldn’t mind being a Yankee“.  Who knows maybe a trade for Tulo would also show Jon Lester something that could lead to him resigning, if not traded, before Thursday’s deadline.


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