Andrew Miller traded to Orioles

The Boston Red Sox have made yet another trade for one of their pitchers, this time its lefty reliever Andrew Miller to the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles will give up LHP Eduardo Rodriguez.

Andrew Miller has been one of the most effective relief pitchers this entire season, sporting a solid 2.34 ERA in 42 1/3 innings. Miller has become a great trade chip because he’s not just a specialist; Andrew has pitched great and righty are hitting me at a low .174 clip while the left handed bats are hitting .148; he also has a very solid 69 K’s in 42 innings. For a team looking to contend and make the world series such as the orioles, this is a very smart under the radar trade.

Now for the Red Sox fans wondering well what are we even getting back for Miller? Eduardo Rodriquez is a 21 year old LHP from Venezuela. He has the stuff to become a good starting pitcher in the future for the Red Sox, and given the fact that he is so young and he has already made it up the farm system ranks up to AA speaks volume to how far this man has come in the 4 years in the minors.

Yes this is an inter-division trade, but the Red Sox and Orioles are clearly headed in two completely different directions and while the Red Sox look to rebuild, the Orioles are looking to win now. Win/Win situation for both teams.

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