Martin Prado off to the Bronx

Martin Prado has been traded to the New York Yankees in return for minor league catcher Peter O’Brien.

The Arizona Diamondbacks traded for Martin Prado and three other players in return for Justin Upton in a trade that continues to look like the Braves won.  Now that Prado is in the Bronx, it’s yet to be seen where he will play, with the Yankees just trading for Chase Headley at third, it seems as if the super utility man could be moved all over. It looks like the plan is to place recently acquired Stephen Drew at second and Prado mainly at right field. The Yanks have also designated Brian Roberts for assignment.

The Yankees are attempting to make a run for the post season and needed a solid bat in their lineup which they certainly have gotten.

Now on the Diamondback side they make a very difficult trade but it was an offer they needed to pull the trigger on, Branden Drury who the D’backs also got in the Upton trade has been tearing up the minors, along with Jake Lamb all but pushed Prado out of the desert; and they are also looking for catching depth which they certainly got in Peter O’Brien. Peter has hit 33 home runs this season alone in the minors, the big power bat catching your eye. the Yankees will also pay all of the Prado remaining contract which is what the dbacks were looking to do.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had a tough season along with injuries and under performance, it doesn’t help either that they dedicated themselves to the highest payroll in team history this season which makes the Yankees taking the remaining money that much better. The Yankees don’t care so much about paying the money they never have, so it seems that this trade is a win win situation as long as Peter makes in roads to the majors over the next season.

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