Jarvinen: Trade Deadline Predictions

Pirates get: IF Nick Franklin
Mariners get: SS Alen Hanson

The Pirates need a middle infielder and the Mariners might be selling on their top outfield prospect, so they need more offensive prospects.  Franklin could help the Pirates this year and he doesn’t really have a spot in Seattle.

Marlins get: SP John Lackey
Red Sox get: SP Trevor Williams, RP Nick Wittgren

The Red Sox will likely sell Lackey to a smaller market team, and they won’t get a Lester type return on him, but they can get some talent.  Lackey is more affordable for a small market team and he has a club option for next year that could be picked up, so I see a team like Miami, who is on the border of the playoff hunt scooping in and getting him.

Orioles get: C Kurt Suzuki
Twins get: SP Zach Davies

The Twins won’t get a ton for Suzuki despite the great year he’s having, because he still isn’t elite, but they should probably trade him.  The Orioles make sense and though they won’t have to give up one of their top pitching prospects for Suzuki, Davies is a quality arm.

Royals get: OF Alex Rios
Rangers get: OF Jorge Bonifacio, SP John Lamb

The Rangers could get a decent prospect for Rios if they trade him.  I like the Royals because they need another outfielder and Rios has had success in the AL Central.  Another team like the Giants could also get Rios though.  Bonifacio is having a down year but he has a lot of talent, and Lamb is former top pitching prospect who might be able to help out the back end of that rotation soon.

Yankees get: OF Marlon Byrd
Phillies get:  C JR Murphy

I think the Yankees are a great fit for Byrd.  Byrd is a great outfielder to have and the Yankees might be the only landing spot at this point with their struggling outfield.  They probably won’t have to give up too much for Byrd.

Blue Jays get: SS Asdrubal Cabrera
Indians get:  OF DJ Davis

Cabrera could help any team with a middle infield need, and despite not having the best season, he’s still a guy who could help your team a lot.  It’d be a nice buy low opportunity for the Jays, and if this was the actual deal the Indians would be buying low on Davis.

Mariners get: OF Josh Willingham
Twins get: C Tyler Marlette

The Twins won’t get a ton for Willingham, but it seems like it’s time to move on. The Mariners need another bat, especially an outfield one, but I doubt they go out and do anything huge.  Willingham’s biggest asset is power, and the Mariners could use a little bit of that too.

Tigers get: OF Gerardo Parra, RP Oliver Perez
Diamondbacks get: SP Jonathan Crawford, IF Hernan Perez

The Tigers may need another outfielder with Dirks getting re-injured and they do need another lefty in the bullpen, so Arizona seems like a logical place to go.  Parra is being shopped around and is a buy low guy, and he could help the Tigers platooning and if Torii Hunter leaves at the end of the year.  He’d help the defense too.  The Tigers would likely still have to give up a good starter and Perez seems like a good guy to have around as depth.

Dodgers get: RP Joaquin Benoit
Padres get: IF Darnell Sweeney

The Dodgers need another bullpen arm, and the Padres don’t really need Benoit, so getting a prospect out of it is a win-win.

Giants get: 2B Gordon Beckham
White Sox get: SP Clayton Blackburn, SS Matt Duffy

The Giants need a second baseman, and they’ll have to probably try and luck out with Beckham or stick with what they have.  It’s a buy low on Beckham, but he’s in a slump so there’s no for sure on when he might start hitting at least a little better.

Royals get: SP Ian Kennedy
Padres get: SP Miguel Almonte

The Royals need another starter for their playoff push and Kennedy is having a good year.  He’s under team control for 2014 too, so they’d have to part with a little more, as Almonte has a great arm and could be a good starter one day.

Braves get: RP Andrew Miller
Red Sox get: C Victor Caratini

The Braves have shown interest in Miller, and it seems like a good fit for him.  Caratini is lower end top 10 prospect and about the price the Braves would have to pay.

These aren’t anything guaranteed, they’re just predictions and they make sense.  There are other guys who I didn’t mention that may get traded too.  If I had to predict an unexpected move, I’d go with David Price to the Cubs.  Also the sellers who won’t sell are the Phillies and the buyers who won’t buy are will probably be the Blue Jays.

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