Met Fans Taunt Hunter Pence

On Monday, the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants wrapped up a 4 game set at Citi Field and besides the four dominate pitching performances by the Giants the story of the series was outfielder Hunter Pence. Through the first 3 games of the series Pence has been on fire including a 3 for 5 day with 2 home runs during Sunday’s 9-0 victory. The unusualness of his story comes from the stands where several Mets fans decided to show up for the 4 games and taunt Pence in one of the more weirder things you’ll see at a baseball game.

The fans brought blank signs and throughout the game filled the poster board with unusual insults at Pence. The signs had saying such as “ Hunter Pence prefers baths”, “Hunter Pence prefers store brand cereal” and “Hunter Pence likes the God Father 3”. This was the absolute definition of ‘trolling’. There were different signs for every game and everybody seemed to get a kick out of the fun. Pence seemed to take a liking to the signs as well and showed it with his play throughout the series. It really was all in good fun and as abnormal as it was if you are going to heckle a player this is the way to do it. Unlike the casual fan who shows up to the game and screams insults that maybe hurtful or unnecessary these fans made it enjoyable and everyone had a good time with it.

These signs are considerably a compliment for Pence in the sense that they have nothing bad to say about the Giants outfielder so they are going to make up these ridiculous rumors. My personal favorite sign read “Hunter Pence can’t parallel park” referring back to Pence and his scooter days. Pence is hitting .289 with 15 home runs and 49 RBI’s on the season and certainly deserves this attention. The 31 year-old is finally living up to the 5 year contact the Giants gave him two years ago. The amusement of these signs has caught the attention of many and for sure is one of the more funny things we have seen this season.

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