Update on Andrew McCutchen

Ignore the previous reports of Andrew McCutchen going to the DL. He will not be landing on the 15-day DL immediately. In fact, McCutchen feels like he may heal from his injury before 15 days pass. The Pirates were believed to place him on the disabled list after exiting Sunday’s game but he’s going to fight through this. The apparent injury is that he tore some cartilage in his rib. Now, there’s a huge problem with this.

The problem is that the Arizona Diamondbacks are the cause of all this. You do not break a rib on a sacrifice fly during a game, it just doesn’t happen. McCutchen was drilled in Saturday’s game against the Diamondbacks after 3 pitches. The beaning was a clear retaliation to the hitting of D-Backs superstar first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. In fact, here’s a very intriguing picture that a twitter follower sent to me.

The D-Backs organization is filled with bullies after pitching to McCutchen the way they did. Sure, the Pirates have been involved in countless bean ball wars over the years and they’ve been the one’s to blame, but not in this instance. In this instance, Paul Goldschmidt even said he did not feel as if the pitch that him was intentional. On top of that, the third pitch was the pitch that hit McCutchen. It’s one thing to have the “eye for an eye” mentality when it comes to guys getting hit by pitches, but to do what the Diamondbacks did was absolutely wrong. It was bush league and it won’t be stopped by Major League Baseball but it should be. A fine and/or suspension needs to come Randall Delgado‘s way, but it won’t.

But give credit where it’s due. McCutchen is going to try to battle a fractured rib in less than 15 days. That’s incredible and a very quick recovery time. McCutchen was asked if he felt as if the hit by pitch was what fractured his rib and he said he didn’t know. But, that’s who he is he’s not going to come right out and call out Delgado for it. But it’s a very safe assumption to say that the pitch was intentional. The circumstances justify the reasoning in this instance and especially because it’s always McCutchen that’s the one getting hurt and the beaning came late in the game Saturday as well.

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