Giancarlo Stanton NL MVP?

On Tuesday, the New York Mets defeated the Miami Marlins but more importantly Giancarlo Stanton went 2 for 4 with a home run and I’m not positive but I don’t think it has landed yet. If Giancarlo Stanton isn’t a lock for the NL MVP, then this thing has to be rigged. I can’t show Stanton enough praise for the show he’s put on in 2014. As a Mets fan, i’ve never not wanted a hitter to face my team as much as i’ve had to look away from the TV when Stanton comes to bat.

Coming into the season, we all knew Giancarlo Stanton was a heavy bat in the Marlins lineup but now next to Mike Trout, he easily could be considered the best hitter in baseball. It’s only September, though Giancarlo has almost matched his career high in every hitting category. In 2012, Stanton had his coming out party hitting 37 home runs and hitting .290 while driving in 86 runs. On September 3rd, Stanton is hitting .299 with 35 runs and 101 RBI’s. Stanton is the first Marlin to reach 100 RBI’s since Dan Uggla in 2010. Stanton’s home run and RBI totals both lead the National League. Spinning heads and dropping jaws, Stanton is as dangerous as it gets. The 24 year-old from Panama City, California is pure muscle and half the time when he hits the ball I question his humanity. Last year, Andrew McCutchen stole the show and took home NL MVP but this year is all Stanton and he has few in his rear view mirror. Stanton’s home runs are something out of MLB 14 the Show and he is the key to the Marlins for years to come if they are to have any shot of using this years success and using it to being a contender in 2015.

The only competition Stanton may have is Dodgers pitching sensation Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is having just as good a year on the mound as Stanton is at the plate. 16-3 with a 1.73 ERA is as good as it gets and Kershaw is the absolute mastermind at getting hitters out. He strikes 1 out of every 3 batters and just doesn’t lose. Starting the All Star Game and throwing your first career not hitter isn’t bad for the resume either. As good as Kershaw has been you still have to give the nod to Stanton. The matter of fact is that Stanton goes out every single game and gives it his very all night in and night out 162 games a year. Kershaw is only able to help his team every 5 days and at the end of the day that doesn’t deserve the title of most valuable player. Pitchers shouldn’t be given consideration for MVP it’s as simple as that. They have their own award which without a doubt will be handed to Clayton Kershaw. Stanton deserves the hard ware. He has done everything right and has played his tail off. The Marlins need to lock this man up but that’s a topic for another time. Looks at the numbers. No argument, Giancarlo Stanton should be your 2014 National League MVP.

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  1. FrankZ

    Kershaw is the MVP. The Dodgers are 2 games above .500 in games he doesn’t start. The Marlins could have just as easily missed the playoffs without Stanton.


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