Cardinals: Wong Proves St. Louis Is Made for Spotlight

Kolten Wong‘s solo homer to win Game 2 of the NLCS for the Cardinals was no surprise. How could it be? We’ve all seen it time and time again from this organization. The only way that game-winning hit made for a surprise is because of the fact that the Cardinals were last in the National League in home runs in 2014. But these Cardinals have hit 11 already this postseason. Isn’t that something? The Cardinals weren’t an offense highly predicated on using the long ball to win games. But this time of the year is entirely different for the St. Louis Cardinals.

The more interesting aspect of the second game of this NLCS is that Yadier Molina went down and one has to wonder how big of an impact that will play in the Cardinals postseason run. Things certainly don’t look good for Molina, who exited Sunday Night’s game in the sixth inning after grounding into a double play. Molina hardly made it out of the batter’s box before he was hunched over in pain. He had to be helped off the field as well. However, Molina’s backup Tony Cruz said “Don’t count Yadi out.”

Molina’s loss went noticed just a few innings after he departed. Tony Cruz couldn’t handle a wild pitch from Trevor Rosenthal in the ninth inning and the Giants’ Matt Duffy raced home from second based to tie the score at 4-4 in Game 2. However, my point in all of this is that the Cardinals still showed resolve and great resilience to pull out a win before they go on the road for three games in San Francisco. The Cardinals used the long ball to plate four of their five runs Sunday.

The Cardinals have a clutch factor to them and I really have no explanation for it. They’re just a group of guys who seem to always pick each other up, and they’ve always been this ways with players past and present. Matt Adams has been another key component in the Cards’ clutch factor when it comes to big time plate appearances. Adams hit another homer last night that put the Cardinals ahead before Trevor Rosenthal’s wild pitch. As some may remember, Adams hit a three run homer off Clayton Kershaw in the bottom of the 7th inning during Game 4 of the NLDS as well. The homer that provided the win for the Cardinals to get them to where they are now.

Kolten Wong is coming into form, not just as a regular player but as a postseason performer as well. Living in Pittsburgh, I hear from some radio personalities and columnists how hard it is to see the Cardinals win. But I don’t see it that way at all. Sure, the Cards are a big rivalry team here but they’re an organization that’s built from the bottom up and is complete all the way around. Sure, it does get old seeing the same teams win, but when you do things right, that’s what happens. The Cardinals organization is built to win so it comes as no surprise they’ve gotten this far. The series is still up for grabs and the Giants may very well win it, but Wong’s homer further validates the fact that the Cardinals organization is extremely successful.

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