Pablo Sandoval rejects Giants qualifying offer

Pablo Sandoval has rejected a $15.3 qualifying offer from the San Francisco Giants. It was likely that Sandoval was going to reject the offer and elect to enter the free agent pool, considering this was the first year he was eligible for free agency.

Sandoval hit .279 with 164 hits and 16 home runs in 157 games, not to mention that monstrous postseason he had, that helped propel the Giants to their third World Series win in five years. Sandoval is likely to be one of the top free agents available this off-season, not to mention he’s only 28. Although very productive, his OBP could be better, at just .324, he’ll need to work on getting on base. One of his biggest problems is his inability to draw walks, once he’s able to fix that there’s no telling how good he can become.

He’s also a candidate for the 2014 Golden Glove award which also adds to his already high value. Sandoval will likely get a lucrative long-term deal, whether it is from San Francisco or another organization.

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  1. Owen N. Martinez-Sandin

    I would be sorry to see Sandoval leave the SFGiants, and hope they can make it up to him, conditioned that he improves on getting bases on balls and controls his weight. Owen N. Martinez-Sandin.

  2. Owen N. Martinez-Sandin

    The SFGiants need more and better pitching (who does not?) and more long range and stronger hitting (who does not?). If we loose Sandoval our hitting will diminish, unless he is replaced adequately!


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