Phillies Rumors: Philadelphia will trade Cole Hamels in return for three top prospects

According to the team Insider Jim Salisbury, the Phillies are looking to get three top prospects in a potential trade for their left-handed starting pitcher, Cole Hamels. Hamels agent will most likely meet with teams at the General Manager Meetings in the off-season. Salisbury also commented that two prospects need to be big league ready, while the team is ready to be patient with one of the three prospects.

Hamels will most likely be at the top of the lists of the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. Both of these teams have the minor league system that the Phillies are looking for. It is possible to see the Cubs and Red Sox adding either James Shields, Jon Lester, or Max Scherzer and then adding the arm of Hamels.

This possible trade between the Phillies and Cubs or Red Sox would obviously be huge for both organizations. It would allow the Phillies to rebuild around young stars and allow the Cubs and Red Sox to start contending in 2015.

Hamels has $96 million that he will earn over the next four seasons. That is a lot cheaper than Scherzer who turned down a six year, $144 million contract last Spring. The lefty is set to make $22.5 million in each of the next four seasons with the Phillies. He also has a $6-million buyout for 2019, bringing the total guaranteed amount remaining at $96 million. As for Lester, money will be an issue as well.

The 30-year-old native of San Diego, California has a 108-83 record through nine seasons in the MLB. He was drafted out of high school by the Phillies in the first round (17th pick) of the 2002 Amateur Draft and has been with the team since. Hamels has recorded a 3.27 career ERA with 1,707 total strikeouts.

Hamels has won multiple awards including: All-Star (2007, 2011, 2012), Babe Ruth Award (2008), World Series (2008), World Series MVP (2008), NLCS MVP (2008), combined no-hitter (September 1, 2014), and he struck out three batters on nine pitches on May 17, 2014.


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