Yankees re-sign Chris Young to one-year deal

Chris Young and the New York Yankees have come to terms on a one- year, $2.5 million contract, with the possibility of earning up to $5 million in incentives. Young had initially signed with the Mets last season, but was released after less than desirable performance, (.205/.283/.346.) The Yankees picked Young up, and he did nothing but impress, especially since the Yankees had to deal with so many injuries last season. In 23 games with the Yankees, Young posted some solid numbers, (.282/.354/.521.)

The Yankees bringing back Young is very important as a fourth outfielder off the bench. Chris Young showed what his abilities are during his time with the Arizona Diamondbacks, especially in that NLDS game against Milwaukee in 2011. New York needs depth in the outfield, especially with the injury history of Ellsbury, and recent injuries and age catching up to Carlos Beltran, not to mention who knows what is going to happen with Ichiro? Young’s ability to play all three outfield positions is very important especially if the Yankees start to get injured.

Although 23 games isn’t a solid barometer, it seemed as though Young had the best plate discipline of his career, at least in that 23 game stretch; he was able to get on base better than ever. Does it mean anything? Yankees fans shouldn’t expect a revitalization of his career, he’s probably not going to go out and hit 25 home runs again, but he’s still a valuable asset to have come off the bench. At just $2.5 million, it could be a bargain signing, which is something the Yankees could use.

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