MLB News: Agent Scott Boras tried to cover up Manny Ramirez’s failed drug test

Former Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch admitted he told investigators earlier this year that Scott Boras tried to cover up Manny Ramirez‘s steroid use.

According to Gus Garcia-Roberts of Newsday, Bosch has made the case that Boras help meeting to help with a story to explain his client’s failed test, which included false medical records. He used Ramirez’s father, who is a licensed Miami doctor, as a witness to try and cover up the story.

At the time, Ramirez was a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers team. He was suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball after testing positive for testosterone.

From Newsday:

“Boras, according to Bosch, came up with an explanation for the failed test that involved Ramirez accidentally using an elderly uncle’s testosterone cream because he thought it was aftershave.

According to the sources, Bosch made the claims while being debriefed by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The sources said Bosch’s accusations were recorded in reports filed with evidence in the federal criminal case against Bosch and others linked to Biogenesis, a South Florida anti-aging clinic that provided performance-enhancing drugs to numerous baseball players.

He later denied the allegations to USA TODAY Sports and said he will soon issue a statement.”

More from Newsday on the scheme to explain Ramirez’s failed test:

“Anthony Bosch said Boras told him that the MLBPA needed him to produce a patient chart for Ramirez. Bosch responded that he didn’t keep records on his patients, so he fabricated a file for the union’s use.

Boras, who is a California-based attorney with a doctorate in industrial pharmacology, told Bosch to include hCG, which is commonly used for weight loss, on Ramirez’s fabricated patient chart, Bosch said.

Boras apparently believed it wasn’t banned by baseball, according to Bosch’s account.

Boras also came up with a story, Bosch told the federal agents, about Ramirez’s elderly uncle using testosterone cream that resembled aftershave. Bosch added that since Ramirez had a weakness for women, as Boras’ story went, one night he unwittingly used his uncle’s cream as aftershave, resulting in a failed drug test due to high testosterone levels.”

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