Jose Canseco says the finger he accidentally shot has fallen off

Two weeks after accidentally shooting himself in the hand while cleaning a loaded gun, former major league slugger Jose Canseco went to Twitter to claim that his finger has fallen off. Celebrity gossip site TMZ, citing Canseco’s fiancée Leila Knight, reported earlier in the month that he suffered the injury while cleaning his gun. He wasn’t aware the gun was loaded when it accidentally went off, blowing the middle finger off his left hand.


Canseco went on to say that it fell off.

Canseco posed on October 13 that he’s ready to be a manager. The Tampa Bay Rays have an opening, but don’t appear willing to give the 50-year-old an opportunity, as he doesn’t appear on the team’s latest list of candidates.

It is unknown if the former slugger was serious, given his often jokes about making a comeback at some capacity.

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