Rays’ Evan Longoria left Saturday’s game in Japan to watch birth of son on FaceTime

The MLB All-Stars won 6-1 against Samurai Japan on Sunday. Evan Longoria played his best game of the Japan All-Star Series. However, just a day before, he experienced a moment even greater than the Japan All-Star Series. He witnessed the birth of his son. Longoria celebrated by homering in MLB’s first win of the series on Sunday.

Longoria dashed to the clubhouse during Saturday’s game after receiving word that his fiancee Jaime Edmondson was in labor with their second child. This time it was a boy. Longoria was able to watch the birth in the Tokyo Dome.

“I got to see it all on FaceTime,” he told MLB.com. “It was a pretty cool moment.”

Longoria said his fiancee wanted him to go to Japan, even though she had a November 18 due date. However, the official birth date of the child is November 15, 2014.

“That was really cool,” Longoria said. “It was a good game for us to bounce back and get a little redemption. We obviously haven’t played up to our abilities, and a lot of credit goes to them. They’re very well-prepared, very well-coached, and they’ve got a good team. It’s been really cool to be a part of it and experience this whole thing over here. And I’m excited to get back home.”

“I’m excited for the rest of the days here, I’m going to enjoy them,” he said, adding that it was a big relief knowing baby and mother are healthy and doing well. “But I’m very excited to get back home, too.”

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