Opinion: Was signing Elvis Andrus long-term a mistake?

In 2013, the Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus signed a 8yr/$120M extension. The right-handed hitter hit .271, 67 RBI, with a 157 games played in 2013. The twenty-six year old played unacceptably last season as well, hitting .263, 41 RBI, playing 157 games. As shown, Andrus’ problem isn’t staying healthy, its simply putting the ball in play.

This offseason, Andrus’s name has come up in recent trade discussions, a deal that would potentially send the young shortstop to the Yankees. With the recent emergence of Luis Sardinas, Jurickson Profar, and Rougned Odor, the Rangers are highly equipped with infield depth. Many may ask why the Rangers would lock up Andrus if they knew that their prospects would be in the majors sooner than later.

Honestly, it was a mistake for the Rangers to sign Andrus to a long-term extension, because of the up and coming infielders they have on the way. If Andrus were to be traded, they and the club that would acquire him would have to work out how much money each team will cover off his contract.

Also, he hasn’t lived up to his expectations, based on stats, the right-handed hitter must live up to the contract he was paid. Andrus was paid to be a contributor to the lineup, but still hasn’t shown it.

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