Jose Canseco’s finger falling off was a hoax

Jose Canseco claimed last week that he accidentally shot off a finger while cleaning his gun. He later said the finger had fallen off while playing poker. Canseco admitted to TMZ that the story was a hoax.

Just a few weeks ago, celebrity gossip site TMZ, used Canseco’s fiancée Leila Knight as a source, reported that he suffered the injury while cleaning his gun. He wasn’t aware the gun was loaded when it accidentally went off, blowing the middle finger off his left hand. Canseco also said that he lost it while playing poker. He took to Twitter to explain the situation that we now know as a hoax. He claimed that he lost it and then it was put back on his hand.

Canseco posed on Twitter on October 13 that he’s ready to be a manager. The Tampa Bay Rays have an opening, but don’t appear willing to give the 50-year-old an opportunity, as he doesn’t appear on the team’s latest list of candidates. Canseco has a recent history of joking around with media and players.

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