Oakland A’s Offseason Perspective

Toward the end of the 2014 season, the Oakland Athletics fell into a slump that ultimately ruined their chances of going far into postseason. Post All-Star break, the A’s went 29-38, with a team average of only .233. The cause for this downfall is said to be caused by the trade that involved Yoenis Cespedes. Cespedes was the main attraction in that lineup, with him lo longer in there, they lose a considerably amount of offensive production. When this trade first broke the news, Billy Beane stated that his pitching staff would be the ones who eventually bring them far in the playoffs, but, that didn’t happen.

The A’s look to re-establish their roster this offseason; they’ve  already signed Billy Butler to a 3-year, $30 million deal. In the Athletics’ case, signing Butler was important because of the fact that they need to fill the whole that Cespedes left. The A’s will certainly need to add more than just Butler.

The A’s must go after a top bat this offseason if they wish to contend next year.

Possible fits include Nelson Cruz or Melky Cabrera. Last season Cruz hit .271, with 40 HR, and 108 RBI, while Cabrera hit .301, with 16 HR, with 73 RBI.

Both would fit well in that lineup which includes guys like Josh Donaldson and Brandon Moss.

The trade that involved Jon Lester and Yoenis Cespedes certainly did not favor the A’s. Their lineup must consist of players that provide a profusion of offensive production if they wish to compete for the future.

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