VIDEO: How credible is a “baseball insider”? was started by young adults, so the story of Jake Wesley, a 14-year old Missourian who went from 300-11,000 followers by “breaking” the signings of Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, is not about his age, but about his ethics. With the help of @kenny1918, and his collecting of tweets (conveniently compiled in this /r/baseball post), we were able to piece the events together in a video.

Jake – if you’re watching this, don’t take this personally. Anyone in your position could’ve mistweeted the way you have been perceived to do so, and we are more than willing to have you on our show to address these concerns.

We, as youth, are not against youth reporting or chasing dreams, but we are against unethical behavior. Youngster reporters who have broken news like Robert Murray or Devan Fink have been doing it right. It takes time to develop sources. They don’t come overnight. That being said, if Jake feels we have misrepresented him, we would love to hear from him regarding these activities.


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