Sit-down interview with Jake Wesley, 14-year old reporter

The most recent teenage reporter, 14-year old phenomenon, Jake Wesley, joins our very own Jack McNeil in a sit-down interview in which he addresses controversies surrounding his reports on Twitter following a video posted by Jack questioning the youngster’s credibility.


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  1. Jake2008

    I’m just curious: You claim that Wesley “helped break” the Sandoval and Ramirez stuff. Can you give us any basis for that whatsoever? Because all the evidence suggests that he’s full of it.

    • lucancoutts

      Hey Jake, sorry for the late response.
      You’re absolutely right. Last weekend we published a satirical video calling out Jake Wesley. We didn’t give him the chance to back himself up, which was essentially a cheap shot on Wesley, so this video was produced to allow Wesley to back up his claims.
      We’re not supporting him in this video, nor are we taking shots at him. Similarly, we’re not claiming that Wesley helped break these stories; we’re just trying to shine some light on the truth.


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