Making The Case To Add DH to NL

The MLB, specifically over the last 10 seasons, has seen a significant decline in offense. With the signings of Billy Butler, Victor Martinez, Torii Hunter, and Nelson Cruz, many would suggest in adding the coveted DH rule to the NL. And I am one of those people. I’m sick of seeing pitchers hit. It’s not like it used to be where pitchers would be seen as actually reliable hitters at times. Some pitchers were even signed due to the fact that they were better hitters than most.

But why institute it in both leagues? Because, teams in the NL, especially small market teams, are seeing a huge decline in signing free agents. Guys over 32 are signing with AL teams with hopes of the DH “saving their careers.”

Baseball needs the DH rule. When It was added in 1973, offense saw a huge spike and even some careers were extended immediately. Over the last 10 years however, pitchers have caught up with the American League offense.

The rule needs to be added to the NL for the sake of fairness. It adds offense to the NL, not to mention it lengthens lineups making managerial decisions much more crucial. For example, I took the Diamondbacks’ roster with the DH, and without it as well. Here’s what I got:

With DH

1. Didi Gregorius SS

2. Aaron Hill  2B

3. Yasmany Tomas LF

4.  Paul Goldschmidt 1B

5. Mark Trumbo DH

6. Miguel Montero C

7. Cody Ross RF

8. Cliff Pennington 3B

9. AJ Pollock CF


Now that may not be the best lineup, but it’s certainly better than it was, even though Tomas was a huge signing. Look what it would have been without the DH


1. Didi Gregorius SS

2. Aaron Hill 2B

3. Yasmany Tomas LF

4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B

5. Miguel Montero C

6. Cody Ross

7. Cliff Pennington 3B

8. AJ Pollock

9. Bronson Arroyo


In all honesty, do we really want to see pitchers get up to ultimately be an automatic out? Pitchers get out almost 95 percent of the time they bat. So why add a rule that helps when league and hurts the other? Especially in the World Series?

The DH rule needs to be added to the NL in order to save the MLB from an offensive, league wide drought. It even adds to the offseason, helping small markets because big fish bats, won’t be aiming for just AL teams in order to save their careers, they’ll be mulling over offers from several more teams allowing small market teams to swoop in and pick up those second tier free agents.

If the MLB doesn’t add the DH to the NL soon, you will see a steady decline in attendance for NL teams not named the Dodgers, Mets, or Phillies. We have seen what it has done to guys careers like David Ortiz, and even if you’re not for my argument of how it adds to lineups and creates offense, at least have a heart and root for the old men hanging on by a string as a DH.


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