New York Mets: Ranking the Top 10 Prospects

Rafael Montero – One of the Mets top pitching prospects, Montero was on the verge of losing his prospect status until his struggles in the bigs. Still, I wouldn’t give up on Montero as he projects to be a number 3 or 4 starter in the major leagues. In reality, I don’t see Montero fitting in the Mets rotation in the future, so definitely think of him as a possible trade piece. Montero is a nice prospect with a fastball sitting in the low 90’s. His control of his pitches helps him get out of trouble for now, but neither his slider nor change are plus right now. He doesn’t have much to prove at triple A so Montero must prove to the Mets that he can hold down a rotation point or he will be traded at some point this season.

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