Gribin: Offseason Transaction Rankings

2. Chicago is Making Moves

The Chicago White Sox Sign Adam LaRoche and Melky Cabrera

There is a chance that I am a bigger fan of these signings than most, but that will not affect my ranking. As far as I am concerned, these two stars (plus a couple of pitchers brought in by the White Sox) make this White Sox team a wild card contender. The White Sox may now have the best set up of a lineup in spots one through five. Here is how the line-up should look with all nine batters.

CF Melky Cabrera

SS Alexei Ramirez

1B Jose Abreu

DH Adam LaRoche

RF Avisail Garcia

3B Conor Gillaspie

LF Dayan Viciedo or Adam Eaton

C Tyler Flowers

2B Carlos Sanchez

There are some bright, and underrated spots, in those bottom four. But that top five has to put a smile on every White Sox fan’s face.

2015 Stat Predictions: LaRoche- .290 BA, 31 HR, 89 RBI (14th AL MVP voting)

                                             Cabrera- .312 BA, 17 HR, 65 RBI (20th AL MVP voting)

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