Gribin: Offseason Transaction Rankings

10. The Miami Marlins Lock Up Their Man for Good

Giancarlo Stanton Re-Signs for 13 yrs. $325,000,000

We are going to start out with this on because there are two big sides to it. The first being, the Marlins have their guy. Giancarlo Stanton is undoubtedly on of the best players in baseball, and will be a perennial all-star and MVP candidate, when healthy. The second side to this is, where on earth are the Marlins getting all that money?! $325-million is about $25-million a year of 13 years, which is seemingly more than the Marlins are worth. $325-mil over 13 years, would mean that Stanton is making roughly 30 dollars for every minute that he is alive over the next 13 years. The most ridiculous thing to me about this contract is the fact that 13 years from now, Giancarlo Stanton will likely have earned one million dollar for every home run her will hit (25 per year on average). Well done Mr. Stanton, save your money up and buy yourself the Miami Marlins in 13 years! I know that’s a lot of contract talk and not player talk, but it seems that is all Stanton is right now. But when the season starts, he will stop being “Mr. $325-million” and slide back into his role of the biggest bat in baseball.

2015 Stat Prediction: .293 BA, 39 HR, 112 RBI (All-Star, Silver Slugger, 3rd in NL MVP voting)

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