Gribin: Offseason Transaction Rankings

5. The Dodgers Finally Did It

The Los Angeles Dodgers trade Matt Kemp for Yasmani Grandal, Zach Eflin, and Joe Wieland

Well, as the headline reads, the Dodgers finally did it. There has been traded talks in Matt Kemp’s direction since his first injury in 2012. Starting with that first injury, Matt Kemp has been getting beaten up and missed more time than almost anyone in the MLB. This last year Kemp did end up playing 150 games and had himself an underrated year. But he’s gone so why are we talking about him Dodger fans? Who is here now? A young man by the name of Yasmani Grandal. This may not be a familiar name, but now that he is in LA I have no doubt he will become a household name soon enough. Grandal has a chance to become a top catcher in a time that great catchers are few and far between. Adding on to Grandal, the Dodgers also receive pitchers young Zach Eflin and Joe Wieland. Either way you look at it, I see this trade as a win-win. But, who won the trade? Well, you’ll just have to tilt your eyes downward to look at my number four.

2015 Stat Prediction: Grandal- .260 BA, 20 HR, 65 RBI

                                           Wieland- Limited Bullpen Time

                                           Eflin- Minor Leaguer

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