Gribin: Offseason Transaction Rankings

4. Kemp Has Found a New Home Out of the Spotlight

The San Diego Padres trade Yasmani Grandal, Zach Eflin, and Joe Wieland for Matt Kemp

That’s right, by the way nice eye tilt, I believe the Padres won this trade because I think that Matt Kemp will be the 2015 NL MVP and will lead the Padres CLOSE to a playoff berth. Dodger’s fans may have been getting tired of Matt Kemp’s inconsistencies and absence of effort. But, the Padres are on team that will certainly take Kemp’s good with his bad. The former MVP runner-up finished the year as one of the hottest players in the MLB after putting up a stat line of 17 HR, 54 RBI, and .309/.365/.606 after the all-star break. Whether or not he will keep up with that pace in San Diego will remain to be seen. The Dodgers gave the Padres 30 mil to go towards his contract, which still has five years and 109 mil left on it. I believe in the talent of Matt Kemp, Padres fans go ahead and knock on some wood.

2015 Stat Predictions: .312 BA, 34 HR, 120 RBI, 18 SB (All-Star, Silver Slugger, NL MVP)

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