Gribin: Offseason Transaction Rankings

3. Cubs Solidify Starting Staff

The Chicago Cubs Sign Jon Lester and Jason Hammel

Jon Lester’s name can speak for itself can it not? Sure 155 mil over 6 years is quite a bit, but I think it is the perfect contract for both parties. Lester is 30 years old and just finished the best year of his career. The long time Red Sock, short time Oakland A pitched to a 16 win year (tied for 2nd best in his career) and a 2.46 ERA (0.75 runs better than his previous career low).  I don’t see a down slide anytime soon in Lester’s career and I believe that six years will give him time enough to produce every year and earn every dollar of that contract. Hammel had a great start to the year this year, having an 8-5 record and 2.98 ERA before being traded to the A’s where he had a 2-6 record and 4.26 ERA. Well he must have fit in well with that team, system, and stadium. What team was that you ask? The Chicago Cubs! That’s right the Cubs bringing back a guy that had the best stretch of his career with said team less than a year ago. This is a huge win for the Cubs, Lester, and Hammel. If you can believe it, there is still one more Cubs transaction on this list.

2015 Stat Predictions: Lester- 34 GS, 18-8 record, 2.80, 227 IP, 230 K

                                             Hammel- 30 GS, 12-13 record, 3.55, 177 IP, 155 K

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