Former Angels Prospect Dead in Candy Dispute


According to Marc Teichner of FOX 5 in Atlanta, local police confirmed this afternoon that former Los Angeles Angels prospect Ryan Bolden was shot and died of his wounds after an altercation last night near an apartment complex.

Some details are still unclear and the shooter has yet to be identified, but sometime around 8:30 ET children were having an argument over candy when some adults interceded. The argument turned heated and shots were fired, fatally wounding Mr. Bolden.

Bolden, 23, an Atlanta high school All-Star and state champion baseball player, was drafted by the Angels with the 40th overall pick in 2010. He played four professional seasons with the Angels organization.

Bolden did play in seven Pioneer League games after leaving the Angels, but left the game entirely due to back problems. Some friends and family around him speculated that he could have made a come back sometime in the near future.

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