Reports: Matt Kemp Trade Will Get Done

Earlier today, the baseball world suffered from shock.

Kemp, Los Angeles’ two time MVP, was finally traded to the Padres last week after San Diego pounded for a deal to get done for some time. In 2011, Kemp hit 39 homers and drove in 126 RBI, before signing his life away to the Dodgers in a contract worth $160 million through 2019.

The contract was signed before Yasiel Puig, Joc Peterson, and Kemp’s next few seasons, but despite two diseased hips, the San Diego Padres will complete the deal.

While the Dodgers are sending $32 million to the Padres in the deal, after hearing the news of Kemp’s legs, San Diego requested more, but to no avail.

Despite all of these complications, and interconnections with the Kemp deal to others made by San Diego and Los Angeles, the deal with get done. For the Padres, Kemp is now a $15 million player, and will cover a corner outfield spot besides newly acquired Wil Myers.

Kemp may need hip replacement surgery later in life, but the Padres hope he will only need physical therapy to make it through the next few seasons in a productive manner. With this outfield free agent market, even if Kemp is half of the player he was last season, he may end up being worth the money. But the deal does make you wonder who will walk away feeling chipper in a few seasons. 


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