Chicago Cubs: Top 10 Prospects

  1. Kris Bryant– Bryant didn’t play in the majors this year, he will contend for the starting third basemen role in 2015 spring training. Power is what Bryant is all about. His advanced approach at the plate leaves him with one of the best power swings in the minor leagues. Unlike most power hitters in the minors, he is able to draw walks at times and drive the ball to opposite field. His power has the possibility of being a 75 or 80 out of 80 on the scout scale. This should translate into 35 plus home runs a year, with a chance to have several 40 home run seasons.

ETA= 2015

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  1. Shane Flannagan

    Disagree on Schwarber. He’s going to be spending next year or 2 to work on just being a catcher and I have watched him a lot in college here Indiana and he can be a decent catcher. He;s never going to be a gold glover or anything, but he can be solid and with his bat takes any questions about him at catcher


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