Updated Outlook: Chicago’s Crosstown Cup

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White Sox:  

Analysis: The Cubs have an outfield with potential; Coghlan is a former rookie-of-the-year, Soler flashed quite a bit of his abilities in 2014, hitting .292 and putting out an OPS of .903, and Alcantara can be a good outfielder with grooming from Joe Maddon. The Cubs outfield looks like it can be good, but as of right now, they’re unproven. However, the White Sox outfield already has established players starting with Cabrera. Cabrera is a 10-year veteran, a career .286 hitter, and gets on base a .340 a clip. Now throw in Adam Eaton, who had an impressive 2014, batting an even .300 and sharing a tie with Michael Bourn for most triples in the American League. Add in a healthy and still 23-years-old Avisail Garcia, who had a rough 2014 after tearing his labrum in April but batted above .300 in 2013 for the Southsiders, and the White Sox have a potent outfield for 2015.

Advantage: White Sox

The Sox have a nice looking outfield for 2015 and that starts with Cabrera replacing the inconsistent Dayan Viciedo. Eaton showed last year that he is a solid player, both offensively and defensively, and will only get better, especially if he isn’t bothered by the leg injuries that were problematic for him last year. Garcia has a ton of potential, and if not for the torn labrum in April he would have had the chance to showcase it in 2014. Fans will get to see it in 2015 however, and he will be a key part of a potent lineup. The Cubs outfield looks like it can be good, but they are wholly unproven at this point, and as it stands now the White Sox have a much better outfield, although that could change by the time these two meet in 2015.

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