Updated Outlook: Chicago’s Crosstown Cup

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First Base

Cubs: Anthony Rizzo (.286/.386/.527 +32 HR, All-Star in 2014)

White Sox: Jose Abreu (.317/.383/.586[led league]+ 36 HR, All-Star in 2014)

Analysis: The Cubs and White Sox both have great first basemen; both Abreu and Rizzo are power guys who can also hit for decent average. Abreu had a great rookie campaign in 2014, and it’s appropriate to assume he will perform at the same high level, if not better, in 2015. Rizzo is a star, there’s no denying it anymore, the kid can play, and the exact same can be said for him as was said for Abreu, he will only improve in 2015.

Advantage: None

Neither team has the edge at First Base; both Rizzo and Abreu are great players, both All-Stars. Yes, from a statistical standpoint Abreu was better, but he cooled off just a bit in the second half, as pitchers started getting a feel for his style and he started hitting long balls less. Meanwhile Rizzo was across the way being steady nearly all season, being the face of the team. It’s going to be an exciting match up to watch when the day comes. Until the end this is ruled a tie.

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