An Interview w/ Round Rock Express GM Chris Almendarez

When asked about how Holland influenced some of the younger guys in his time spent with the Express, Almendarez described how he was a “great guy, just around the clubhouse from the back the way he treated those kids”. He detailed also how “he just brought a different level of professionalism, worked hard and they saw his work ethic, but he also had fun. Which is one of those things that, guys at that level and make that kind of money can still come down here and have fun because they are playing a game.” Adding later that, “he’s one of my favorites.”

Upon the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, the father of two described how he does not foresee himself going anywhere in the next 5 years, and that he is very happy in the position he is in. He then conveyed how he could see himself being here for “the next 25 years”, adding that he could also see himself moving into the position of president, were current Express president Jay Miller ever to retire.

Finally, when asked about his favorite moment thus far with the Express, Almendarez described the scene during the enshrinement of Jackie Moore as the first member of the Express hall of fame, this past season.

He described “sitting on the field, letting Reid Ryan—who is the founder and one of my best friends—speak on behalf of Jackie. Sitting next to Dave Fendrick and then, of course, right behind Nolan Ryan. That was a pretty cool moment, pretty surreal moment. Just sitting back watching Jackie drive in on a Corvette, walking up and giving him his Round Rock Express hall of fame plaque and Reid speaking up there. Somebody took a pretty cool picture from behind, around home plate, it shows Reid’s back but you can see Nolan and myself and Dave and Don Sanders. It’s a special place, and those kind of memories are just what it’s all about. In 100 years from now, the Round Rock Express will probably still be here and I won’t, but at least that’s a memory that I’ll always have with me. Sharing in the special moment of being on the field for the first Round Rock Express hall of fame inductee.”

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